“In its first minutes, The Cuban sums up vs. duty, creativity vs. rigidity, life vs. death... Piccione’s screenplay doesn't tie up all the pieces neatly, instead adding a smart narrative twist. Filmmakers let that sound shine, with soulful contributions from composer Hilario Duran and lovely singing by Golja.”

The Hollywood ReporterJul 28, 2020

“Sergio Navarretta’s The Cuban pulls together music, romance, loss, and memory into an motional tale that spans cultures and generations.”

Roger EbertJuly 31, 2020

“Watching The Cuban, it almost feels out of the ordinary to see such a kindly tale play out on screen, and that little jolt may help viewers connect with the film’s messages, paramount among them the need for a new approach to cognitive decline.”

The Credits, Motion Picture Association of AmericaJuly 24, 2020

“A testament to the power of music, The Cuban is a movie that hits an emotional note with an engaging burst of energy through the synergy of the nurse-patient relationship.”

Starry Constellation MagazineJuly 30, 2020

“The Cuban is little bit of an updated Driving Miss Daisy (1989) for a modern crowd.”

Times of San DiegoAugust 1, 2020

“The plot moves through storyline verses of love and conflict, choruses of musical connection to life, a climatic bridge and final verse of sadness, joy and a plot twist.”

Indie Pulse MusicJuly 6, 2020

“Honestly, it is so refreshing to see a film about jazz musicians that has confidence in the audience to appreciate the music they play. Very highly recommended.”

Unseen FilmsJuly 31, 2020

“The Cuban is a beautiful and heartwarming film about compassion, fulfillment, and friendship. The stellar cast makes it snap, crackle and pop.”

Alliance of Women Film JournalistsJuly 30, 2020

“Gossett Jr…is just as excellent as ever. Jaw-dropping directing and visual style, along with the pitch-perfect cast…you are left with a compelling drama that is well worth it…”

Film ThreatJuly 21, 2020

“Casting Louis Gosset Jr. who is not Cuban was daring.... such a great actor and to see him again, beautifully aged and so sensitive to the material, very much like the Cuban musicians. The heart of The Cuban has to be the music.”

SydneysBuzzJuly 28, 2020